Brite Metal Pin-on Rank

Insignia Depot carries Brite Metal pin-on ranks for dress uniforms. Whatever rank you might need insignia for, you’ll find it among our selection of Brite Metal pin-on ranks -- from E2 Private to General and every rank in between. Our Brite metal pin-on ranks are high quality pieces that will help you pass inspection, but they are also reasonably priced because we buy in large quantities to keep our prices nice and low. So whether you just want to save some money on military insignia or are stationed far away from the nearest AAFES store, Insignia Depot has the pin-on ranks you are looking for and can get them to you wherever you are.

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  • $10.45

    2nd Lt. Brite Rank In...

    Great Gift for your 2nd Lt. Officer.

    Perfect for Graduation, Promotion, or any Special Occasion.

  • $6.75

    E2 Private Brite...

    PV2s have the responsibility of applying knowledge and skills learned in basics in order to follow orders given by higher-ranking supervisors. This Item Comes in a Mirror Finish
  • $6.75

    E3 Private First Class...

    The primary responsibilities of PFCs are to complete assigned missions and carry out orders. They begin their training for leadership and/or start to learn specific technical skills for which they can earn the rank of specialist. This Item Comes in a Mirror Finish
  • $6.75

    E4 Corporal Brite...

    Though corporals hold the same grade as specialists, corporals are charged with leadership roles which include the individual training, personal appearance and cleanliness of the small units or teams for which they are given responsibility. They are the backbone of troop morale. This Item Comes in a Mirror Finish
  • $10.50

    E4 Specialist Brite...

    Help to manage lower-ranking soldiers as they assist them to complete their special technical skills. They are primarily focused on carrying out the specific duties of their specialty more than they are put into leadership roles, which go with the rank of Corporal. Recruits who enter as a civilians with a 4-year degree enter basics at the SPC rank. This Item Comes in a Mirror Finish
  • $6.75

    E5 Sergeant Brite...

    This is the lowest rank where command is involved. A sergeant is a hands-on instructor who is responsible for individual training, personal appearance and cleanliness of the unit under his command of five soldiers. These leaders tend to have the most impact on the development of individual soldiers. This Item Comes in a Mirror Finish
  • $6.75

    E6 Staff Sergeant...

    Staff sergeants are responsible for the same responsibilities toward their subordinates as the other NCOs, but they tend to have a broader sphere of influence in equipping a large number of soldiers. Their primary focus is more of an administrative role than a hands-on leadership role. In the field they command a squad of ten soldiers. This Item Comes in a Mirror Finish
  • $6.75

    E7 Sergeant First...

    The SFC is the primary assistant to the platoon leader who carries out the specific role of training, preparing and executing platoon functions. They direct two to three staff sergeants. This Item Comes in a Mirror Finish
  • $6.75

    E8 First Sergeant...

     First sergeants play the role of disciplinarian and counselor. They instruct the other sergeants in their unit, advise commanders at the battalion level and above and assist in ensuring proper training of all troops under their command. This Item Comes in a Mirror Finish
  • $6.75

    E8 Master Sergeant...

    Principal NCO at the battalion level. Though not given as much responsibility as a first sergeant, they are expected to perform at the same level of professionalism in dispatching their leadership role. This Item Comes in a Mirror Finish
  • $6.75

    E9 Command Sergeant...

    This rank is the highest professional rank achieved by a non-commissioned officer. These officers are expected to carry out the task of meeting the performance, training, appearance and conduct standards for all enlisted personnel. They are senior enlisted advisors to commanding officers. This Item Comes in a Mirror Finish
  • $6.75

    E9 Sergeant Major...

    Sergeant majors are the key enlisted elements on officer staffs above the battalion level. His or her leadership abilities are typically equal to those of a command sergeant major, but are limited to those directly under his command. This Item Comes in a Mirror Finish