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OCP 2x2 Sew-on

Need a 2x2 sew-on rank on authorized, MIL-SPEC fabric to use with your Army Combat Uniform? We have plenty to choose from because we carry all of the sew-on ranks you will need. Insignia Depot has made it our goal to keep our quality high and our prices low while offering a convenient way for service members to order military insignia for their uniforms. Besides OCP Scorpion 2x2 sew-on ranks, we also offer a wide array of ribbons, badges, shoulder marks/epaulets and other insignias that is affordable without compromising on quality so you can be sure you’ll pass inspection and look your best. Shop our selection of OCP 2x2 sew-on ranks today and place your order for convenient delivery anywhere in the US or to any APO address!