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OCP Sew-on for Caps

Insignia Depot is you way to buy affordable OCP Scorpion sew-ons for caps. These sew-ons meet official specifications, are easy to order, and fit the requirements so you’ll pass inspection!

We offer our OCP Scorpion sew-ons for caps in all ranks so you can be sure to find the one you need. Choose anything from E2 Private to E9 Sergeant Major to General and everything in between.

Insignia Depot carries not only OCP Scorpion sew-ons for caps and uniforms, but also badges, pins and other forms of insignia so you can always get what you need -- conveniently and affordably. Why go to AAFES when you can save money and have quality insignia delivered right to your door? Shop with Insignia Depot and place your order today!

All sew-on Cap ranks sold in pairs